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Taking Control

Get started on your health journey with this starter package. You're ready to take control of your health, willing to put in the time and effort that good health requires in our modern world. You need a detailed road map and some guidance, and then you're ready to hit the ground running.


  • 90-minute individual, virtual Initial Intake

  • Customized Nutrition Therapy Plan (NTP) with Dietary Protocol, Supplement Recommendations, and Lifestyle Assessment 

  • Symptom Burden Analysis - identify areas that need priority attention

  • Two 40-minute virtual Follow-Up sessions with modifications to your NTP as needed

  • Review of 3-Day Food Journal with customized feedback

  • 2-Week Meal Plan 

  • Relevant labs review



Fish and Herbs Knolling


Your visit starts well before we actually meet. Because I want to maximize the opportunities of our first visit, I review your forms and any labs submitted carefully before our initial talk to identify patterns that need probing and get a sense of what is going on. By prepping in advance, you're guaranteed a far more robust initial visit. The in-depth Intake Form and the 3-Day Food Journal you submit prior to this initial meeting will provide a wealth of information for us to review and dive deep into. Any blood work or testing that you've had done should be shared prior to this first visit as well. 

The Symptom Burden Analysis provides a wealth of trackable information and insight for both of us. It tells us where the key burden is in the body, allowing us to focus priority attention there. It also informs diet and nutrient recommendations. The Symptom Burden Analysis helps point us toward root-cause healing.

You'll leave the first visit with a rudimentary plan to get started with; some basic to-do's and not-to-do's. 


After our initial visit, I'll spend time analyzing the additional information gleaned from our talk. Within a week, I'll provide a fleshed out Nutrition Therapy Plan that will be detailed, written, and consist of dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. You will receive a collaborative, customized nutrition and lifestyle plan that clearly lays out your steps to reaching your health goals. 

Our Follow-Up Sessions will review progress you've made. We will analyze barriers, challenges, and concerns. We will make edits to the NTP as needed based on the reevaluation. 

This package is well-suited for the individual who is a motivated, self-starter looking for a solid road map and compass to get going on their health journey. 

The cost of additional testing, if needed, is not included. Flexible payment options are available.

The Package should be used within 3 months. 

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