Making lasting, healthy lifestyle changes requires commitment, ongoing support and occasional tweaking. The Lifestyle Package provides that necessary support when you most need it - just as you’re starting out. 


The Lifestyle Package offers the sustained support that makes you more likely to find the confidence you need to implement lasting lifestyle changes. With this package, you will get 

  • 1 Initial 90-minute Intake where we identify the issues and hash out your goals and objectives

  • A fully fleshed out Nutrition Therapy Plan (NTP) complete with dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations 

  • A two-week Menu Plan customized to include not just the dietary changes you want to implement, but also accounting for food allergies, intolerances and likes/dislikes. 

  • A full shopping list and at least five recipes supporting the Menu Plan 

  • 3 Followup appointments where we assess progress, identify issues and tweak the NTP as needed. These can be spaced out anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks apart, depending upon how soon you need a check-in. 


The package should be used within 6 months of the initial appointment. Any recommended lab testing is not included. 


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