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Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation is where it all begins. During this 90 minute session, we will review your full health history, discuss your health goals, talk about your current diet and come up with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that you can implement right away.


Meal-Planning +

Pantry List

Making dietary and lifestyle changes can sometimes be overwhelming. Eating differently, with more nutrient-dense foods takes some practice and know-how. Let me help you make that learning leap a little faster and smoother. This is a 1-hour, collaborative, personalized session.

Different Shades of Eggs

Follow-Up Session

The 40-minute Follow Up Session is held a few weeks after the initial visit. The goal of this visit is to check in on progress and provide more detailed nutrition recommendations. I will answer questions, address any challenges and tweak the plan we came up with at our initial visit, if needed. 


The Lifestyle Package

Making lasting, healthy lifestyle changes requires commitment, ongoing support and occasional tweaking. The Lifestyle Package provides that necessary support when you most need it - just as you’re starting out.

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