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Taking Control

This package is for individuals getting started on their health journey. You're serious about taking control of your health. And you'd like some guidance and a detailed roadmap so that you can hit the ground running. 

Banana Pattern

Follow-Up 3-Pack

This is an add-on for established clients that need additional check-ins and support beyond what was provided in their initial package. 

Different Shades of Eggs

The Lifestyle Package

This package is for individuals committed for the long haul. You're tired of being tired. You know that life should be more energetic, lighter, with less medications. You're committed to feeling better. This path will get you there. 

Tropical Fruits


Support workplace-wellness by hosting a presentation by yours truly for your staff, team, classroom, etc. Sharing  evidence-based research, I'll help sift through the noise surrounding nutrition in an accessible, easy manner. 


The Healing Protocol

This is for individuals who have a serious diagnosis (or diagnoses) that they want to address. You're in it to win it and are willing to do the hard work required to undo the damage wrought by the modern world, with all it's pollutants, stressors, and unknowns.

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