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The ASD Package

This package is designed to address Autism Spectrum Disorders and related challenges, such as Aspergers, severe ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Tics, and/or PANDAS.

I will guide you step-by-step through the process of implementing dietary changes to address your child's challenges. ASD has its basis in the gut-brain axis - this means that if we address gut issues as a deep, cellular level, we will see improvements in the brain. Symptoms will lessen, language may increase/improve, behavior may settle and personality may blossom. Read below for more details.

I encourage you to schedule a Free Consult to determine if your child's condition can be helped with nutrition therapy. 


  • One 90-minute Initial Intake Session where we identify the issues and hash out your goals and objectives

  • Six 40-minute Follow-Up appointments

  • Four 20-minute Follow-Up appointments

  • Email support, as needed

  • A fully fleshed out Nutrition Therapy Plan (NTP) complete with dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations 

  • An Initial Symptom Burden Analysis that evaluates systemic stressors and provides insight into the root causes of your issues

  • A Symptom Burden Reassessment done periodically during your child's health journey to track progress and shifting priorities

  • A customized Menu Plan based on the GAPS Protocol and specific to your child's current stage

  • Recipes supporting the Menu Plan 

  • Videos and handouts to help with cooking, meal prep, and trouble-shooting

  • Review of relevant labs, reports, and testing

  • Ongoing adjustments and recommendations

BONUS: Get your *FREE* "GAPS Guide: Parent's Path to Healing Workbook"

to document progress, organize dietary and lifestyle steps, correlate foods/moods, and help with troubleshooting between sessions.

$1150.00 (Installment plans available)



Introducing my comprehensive nutrition therapy package tailored specifically for parents with children on the autism spectrum. I understand the unique challenges and concerns that come with supporting a child's health and well-being in this context. That's why I'm excited to offer a range of services designed to empower parents and provide expert guidance every step of the way.


My package includes personalized nutrition consultations with me, a certified GAPS practitioner who specializes in working with children on the spectrum. These consultations will delve deep into your child's individual needs, health history, and dietary preferences to develop a customized plan that aligns with the principles of the GAPS protocol.


I also provide ongoing support and guidance throughout your journey. From meal planning and recipe ideas to troubleshooting challenges and addressing concerns, I'll be there to offer encouragement, advice, and practical strategies to help you navigate the complexities of the GAPS protocol.


I understand that embarking on the GAPS protocol can feel daunting at first. That's why my package includes access to a wealth of resources such as videos and helpful handouts. You'll never have to feel alone on this journey – I'm here to offer support and encouragement every step of the way.


While the GAPS protocol can be challenging, especially when managing the needs of a child on the autism spectrum, it is entirely achievable with the right guidance and support. As a certified GAPS practitioner, I'll work closely with you to address any obstacles or concerns that arise, helping you stay focused and motivated as you work towards improved health and well-being for your child. Together, we can navigate the journey ahead with confidence and compassion, unlocking the potential for profound healing and transformation.

Generally, I don't rely on specialized testing. I'm reluctant to request it or recommend because it's very pricey, and it doesn't usually change much at the outset.  There's plenty of work to be done right off the bat without spending money on additional testing. However, if after a certain amount of time we feel that something might be stopping greater progress or improvement, I may recommend testing. Additional testing, if required, will be billed separately.

Installment plans are available. 

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